Launching our Fibre to Home broadband in Stambourne

In March 2018 we invited you to connect to our new fibre to the home (FTTH) broadband project in Stambourne – a project that will provide the very best broadband service into the village and future proof Stambourne’s broadband provision for decades to come.

In fact it will deliver a better broadband solution than is available in London, New York and in Tokyo, and it will be here in your village!

However, we have still not quite achieved the sufficient interest and demand from the village and we cannot go ahead and build the network without sufficient demand. We do not need many more, so if you have been thinking about it but not quite got around to it here are some thoughts for you:

  • Think about what you used the internet for 3 years ago, and what you use it for today – now think about what you may need it for in 3 years time. You’re going to need faster speeds.
  • The average internet use per person is growing tenfold ever 6 years – that is a staggering growth curve so your current broadband provision (even at 70 or 80 Mbps) is unlikely to meet the demands of your internet use in just a few years time – what then?
  • Fibre to the Home Broadband is claimed to add as much as 10% to the value of your home. (Zoe Napier Estate Agents)

The Solution?

  • We are offering to build a fibre network around Stambourne at no cost to you
  • We are still offering our free connection service so your property can be connected to the very fastest, most future proof broadband at no cost to you
  • Our monthly subscription tariffs are extremely reasonable and are in line with BTs and Gigaclear’s current tariffs.
  • You can transfer you current phone number over to our service and we do not charge a line rental at all – that is an instant saving of around £20 per month.
  • You have 12 months after we have built the network to take up the service – which gives you ample time you to complete any current broadband contract you may be tied to

If you are still not convinced, the County Broadband team will be available at the Stambourne Village Hall on 22nd November from 7.30pm-8.30pm for a chat and to answer any queries you may have.

Please therefore Pre order a fibre broadband service from us which will allow us to build this network:

Order now to receive:

  • FREE installation – including router (normally £225)
  • + 3 months FREE telephone calls to all UK landlines and mobiles (saving between £18 – £50 depending on the service you choose + all calls for free)

You pay NOTHING until we have connected your home directly to our fibre network

Please enter your postcode below and follow the three stage instructions to begin.